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Safety Behaviour Awareness

Fantastic course!  I have been on many courses and this course is one of the best!

The skills practise has given me the ability to see firsthand what mistakes I made in the past and will not make in the future, I am now more confident


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We offer a wide selection of training courses across various subject areas, available as bespoke, in-house and public courses.

We are a solutions-orientated training consultancy company who work with organisations to design, develop and implement strategic learning through training and development workshops which integrate work to build competitive advantage and help improve core business skills

Your business could be undergoing some type of fundamental change. Whether it is globalisation, deregulation, price competition, or all of the above, you’re probably looking for a solution that provides a continuous source of renewal and competitive advantage.

In today’s economy, companies can no longer depend upon product, technological, or even quality differences, to create competitive advantage. Successful companies realise that their collective knowledge or “know how” is one area that cannot easily be imitated, and in fact, is a principle course of competitive advantage that is continuously strengthened and renewed by leveraging the power of learning.

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This is where The Learning World Partnership’s training and development courses can help you. As a successful UK training and consultancy company, we use our Learning and Development Solutions to work successfully with leading-edge companies to develop and implement strategic learning interventions that drive business performance.

Whether you are looking for Leadership and Development, Business Skills, Personal Effectiveness, Human Resources and Employment Law, Safety Behaviour Awareness, Team Building or Open Workshops, you will enjoy working with us. We provide solid expertise in core business skills training and are partners in every sense of the word.